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Sign up below to get a fresh organic loaf of bread four weeks a month! Pick up at our location Saturdays between 9AM and 1PM, or get home delivery Thursdays or Fridays (depending on your zip code) for a $2/week fee. Delivery slots are limited. 

All breads are vegan and organic.



Because we expect decreased interest in bread subscription during the first week of the month due to the July 4th holiday, the July Bread Day subscription will not begin until the NEXT week. 

For those who DO want bread during the first week of the month, we will offer a limited number of loaves to pick up at the bakery on Saturday 7/4 between 9am-1pm. To purchase one or more of these loaves, please choose the "4th of July Bread!" button below. 


Again, July Bread Day subscription will begin the next week, with deliveries resuming on Thursday 7/9 and Friday 7/10 and pickup on Saturday 7/11. To purchase a regular month's subscription, please choose the "Subscribe Here for Bread Day!" button below. Thanks!! 

Dates, Days and Selection for Bread Day - Month 5:

4th of July Bread! (purchased separately from regular month's subscription; Sat 7/4 pickup) - Supersourdough or Nut & Seed Bread

Week One (Thurs 7/9 or Fri 7/10 delivery; Sat 7/11 pickup) - Supersourdough or Garlic Sourdough


Week Two (Thurs 7/16 or Fri 7/17 delivery; Sat 7/18 pickup) - Supersourdough or Chocolate Cherry Sourdough 

​Week Three (Thurs 7/23 or Fri 7/24 delivery; Sat 7/25 pickup) - Supersourdough or Olive Sourdough 

Week Four (Thurs 7/30 or Fri 7/31 delivery; Sat 8/1 pickup) - Supersourdough or Nut & Seed Bread



A Bread Day subscription gets you one loaf per week; see options below to add extra loaves. The entire month's worth of loaves must be ordered at the time of subscription sign-up. So, if you're signing up for a month of bread AND you're gonna want 2 or more loaves per week AND you're gonna want delivery, please make sure to go through the items below and add them all to your cart.

Thank you so much. Happy Bread Day!



We want to continue making bread for people to enjoy. By offering a subscription, we are better able to plan, purchase, and produce appropriately. Wasted ingredients and wasted time are not an issue, and we can keep our operation small enough for us to run it ourselves while still making a living for our family. We are so grateful to all of our loyal customers and we thank you for finding us here! Your feedback is appreciated, as is your business.



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